Makeup Tricks Models Use-Makeup Artist Are The Ones With Tricks

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Professional makeup artists are usually the ones that teach the makeup tricks models use.

These artists study and practice various techniques for years before seeing their creations grace magazine covers and runways, if at all.
Before we begin giving you some of the makeup tricks models use, assemble everything you need and have it close at hand throughout the entire process. Here is a list of what you will need:
Cosmetic sponges, brushes, foundation, concealer, face powder, eye shadow (3 shades), eyeliner, mascara, blush or bronzer, lip liner, lipstick, and lip gloss.

  1. Cleanse your face as you normally would and then apply a moisturizer with a good sun block in it.
  1. Apply a liquid foundation with a slightly damp cosmetic sponge and smooth it out evenly. Blend well at, and below, the jawline to avoid a noticeable line where your makeup ends. Apply the foundation under the eyes and to the eyelids as well.
  1. Apply concealer only where needed. Concealer should be used to cover blemishes, redness, or dark circles under the eyes.
  1. Apply powder with a full powder brush or a clean cosmetic sponge.
  1. Next comes the eyeliner. It should be dark to accentuate the eyes. Draw it on and then blend it up and out with the blending tip on the eyeliner pencil.
  1. Dramatic eye shadow is a must. You will be using three eyeshadow shades. One light, one medium and one dark shade of the same color. Make sure the colors you choose match your skin tone.

Using your eye shadow brush, apply the dark shade to the entire upper eyelid. Use the medium shade to fill in the crease of the eyelid to just below the brow bone.

Now, blend the area where the medium and dark eye shadow meet by making small circles with the eye shadow brush. Use the same technique to soften the top edge of the medium shade and blend it up toward the eyebrow.

Apply the light shade directly below the eyebrow on the brow bone and again blend the two shades where they meet. This technique will become easier as you practice.

  1. Use your fingers or a brush to smooth the eyebrows into place. For sparse eyebrows, use a matching eye liner or brow pencil to fill in the eyebrows with short strokes. Apply a matching shadow over the eyebrows to keep them in place and give them a uniform appearance.
  1. Apply mascara to the top and underside of the upper lashes. Applying mascara or liner to the lower lashes is not necessary and can make the eyes appear smaller.
  1. When applying blush, smile and apply to the cheeks. Use a brush to blend the blush upward and outward toward the temples.
  1. Lips should be lined with a pencil closely matching the lipstick. Outline the lips and then color them in with the liner. Apply one coat of lipstick, blot with a tissue, apply a second coat and then blot again. Adding a touch of lip gloss adds shine.

Now you know some of the makeup tricks models use.


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