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It is a long establishedI am a passionate and experienced makeup artist with a keen eye for detail and a love for making others feel confident and beautiful. I have formal training in cosmetology and continuously expand my skills and knowledge through workshops and training sessions. With a deep understanding of skin types, color theory, and makeup application techniques, I can create looks for a variety of occasions, from natural and understated to bold and glamorous. Whether it’s for a special event, photoshoot, or just a special day out, I am dedicated to bringing out the best in my clients and helping them feel their absolute best. I can’t wait to work with you and create a beautiful, flawless look that enhances your natural beauty

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Our nail services are equally exceptional, with a wide variety of options to choose from. From classic mani-pedis to gel polishes, we have everything you need to keep your hands and feet looking their best. Our experts use only the best products to ensure that your nails are healthy, strong, and beautiful.

For those who want to enhance their lashes, we offer top-quality eyelash extensions that will give you a fuller, more dramatic look. Our experienced technicians use the latest techniques and products to ensure that your lashes look natural and beautiful.


Hanic Arias, the makeup artist: it wasn’t just a dream
Discover the inspiring story of Hanic! A professional makeup artist, esthetician, successful business owner, and a loving mother, her career skyrocketed in the United States after graduating from the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and crossing paths with the legendary photographer, makeup artist, and entrepreneur François Nars. Don’t miss this exclusive interview to learn how she achieved her dreams and triumphed in the world of makeup and beauty.

Hanic Arias Makeup Artist
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