Hanic was born in Venezuela, but moved to New York City in her early teen years. She completed her studies at FIT and soon after she started working with her mentor Francois Nars. Mr. Nars took her under his wing, and for the next 13 years, he mentored her and gave her the opportunity to immerse herself into the beautiful world of makeup.

Hanic, a strong believer in inner beauty, simplicity, and perfection, discovered a deep passion for natural looks. She has developed a way to reflect and enhance her clients own unique natural beauty, often finding that less is more.

Today, 18 years later and after many years of experience and studies that have helped her to better understand the natural skin, she is now an acclaimed makeup artist with clients across US and Europe. Her experience, ethics and work technique have made her the go to artist for many celebrities such as Ricky Martin, Nelly Furtado, and Calvin Harris.

She currently travels all over (mainly in the US) as she continues to grow her own beauty salon, mentoring her staff, and sharing her knowledge through her private make up consultations. Her style? – To expertly produce flawless complexions, with beautifully defined eyes and perfectly tinted lips. Hanic’s philosophy is “beautiful makeup should look like no makeup at all”.