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As a lover of beauty and wellness and all they encompass, I have always found myself immersed in anything nature related and knew from a young age this was my calling. A professional makeup artist, esthetician, business owner and mom above all, you will most likely find me enhancing someone’s beauty through makeup, pampering faces, working to find the best ingredients for my products or spending quality time with my son and daughter. Aside from my love for health and beauty, I find great joy in traveling, soaking in all the memorable experiences nature has to offer and recharging my energies to give those around me the best version of myself, always!

My journey in the world of beauty has been an exciting one with absolutely no short cuts, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was born in Venezuela but my career took off after I graduated from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology and met the legendary François Nars, who became my mentor for the next 13 years, supporting me as I evolved into the makeup artist and entrepreneur that I am today. Throughout, I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with celebrities like Ricky Martin, Ellie Goulding and Nelly Furtado among many others.

Even after 20 years in the industry, I am still as strong a believer in natural beauty and simplicity as I was when I first started working, and I think of myself as a conduit that brings out and enhances my client’s innate beauty. My passion has always been to create a lasting impact with a natural aesthetic, often finding that less is more.

The philosophy I still stand by is – Beautiful makeup should look like no makeup at all.

My experience and expertise rests on a foundation of almost three decades of hard work that has helped me continue to grow my own beauty salon, mentor my team, and flourish in the wonderful world of makeup!

Flawless complexions with beautifully defined eyes and perfectly tinted lips – that’s my signature style… and it’s timeless.

Hanic Arias - Hanic Salon in South Miami


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