Working as a professional makeup artist for over twenty years, I grew a passion for beauty that doesn’t come at the cost of wellness.

After years of searching for only the best and most beneficial ingredients nature has to offer and perfecting my formulas, HANIC SKIN was born on the principle that real beauty comes from understanding our skin and how best to treat it using natural products.

I am a firm believer that natural products should be used to accentuate our innate beauty rather than covering it up.

I created HANIC SKIN because I wanted to expose people to their natural beauty and discover the wonders of taking care of their skin properly, empowering everyone to feel confident in their skin.

I believe we should not have to choose between what actually works and natural, healthy products, which is why HANIC SKIN was built around the philosophy that simple, natural products CAN and DO make a REAL difference! With carefully selected, conscious ingredients, I am continuously working to better my formulations and give you nothing less than the absolute best nature has to offer, pushing the boundaries of the beauty industry.


Through HANIC SKIN, I hope to continue to inspire and educate others on the wonderful world of natural products and all they have to offer


We believe beauty should not come at the cost of wellness and natural products should accentuate innate beauty rather than covering it

Our company works towards a more inclusive future in which all skin types can feel comfortable In their own skin and love the way they look and feel!

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