All You Need To Know About Permanent Makeup and Hanic

Permanent makeup

Makeup is something that is absolutely adored by people all over the world.

It helps us dish outlooks after looks, whether you are going for something simple for an office appearance, or a dramatically head-turning appearance for a fancy event like a gala or prom. However, makeup is not only used for filling our face in with colors but it also helps us enhance our features, for instance shaping our eyebrows, etc. All thanks to the technology and advancement now available to us in the progressing era of today, cosmetic modification doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in front of your mirror every day. One amazingly relieving solution to that problem is permanent makeup. Here is all you need to know about permanent makeup and the best permanent makeup salons.

What Is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is how you can get the longest lasting makeup. It is also known by the name of “micro pigmentation” or “cosmetic tattoo” and that is because the process requires devices with several tiny tips that gently scrape off the most upper layer of your skin, proceeding to insert medically safe pigments into the skin to mimic the effect of natural and healthier looking makeup job. This treatment is usually applied around the eyebrows for healthier and fuller-looking well-shaped eyebrows, around the eyes to diminish dark circles and fake a 24-hour eyeliner, and around the mouth to lift up your smile or for lips tattoo.


What Is Permanent Makeup?

One reason why people love getting permanent makeup, or “derma pigmentation” as many refer to it with, is that the treatment helps them save so much time and keeps them from having to go through the hassle of fixing their facial features every day. The treatment, however the name suggests, is semi-permanent and can last up to several months. That way, you do not have to spend those precious minutes right before work in filling your eyebrows and shaping them to your preference, or trying to cover up the dark circles that the passage of time has given you. Plus, the treatment saves you from having to spend money on temporary ones every few days. The best part is that it doesn’t smudge!

Hanic Makeup, Miami:

There are many salons that are certified for and trained in the field of permanent makeup, with expert workers ready to give you your facial enhancement in friendly prices. For those living in Miami, HANIC  is where you can the best permanent makeup services. The salon has highly skilled and trained experts to give you high-quality permanent makeup treatments in safe and hygienic conditions.

The technology of permanent makeup has dramatically turned things around for us and has escalated our makeup by so many levels. Now that you know fairly well what permanent makeup is and have gotten to know about some of the best makeup salons, go ahead and get your features styled to perfection.


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